Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili

One of my goals this year is to go camping more as a family. We’ve gone camping in the years past, and with three little boys, it can be umm… challenging. I love seeing my boys running wild and free in the wilderness as they were meant to do, but the bugs, meal planning, and freezing cold nights make me think twice. No one sleeps very well, washing dishes is a pain in the rear, and the boys get dirt in every little crevice! It’s a lot of work to prepare for the trip, a lot of work once you get there, and a lot of work to put everything away when you get home. That’s a lot of work!

But on the other hand, we make memories, spend time with family and friends, become one with nature, and unplug from technology… which is all good and needed.

Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili - A family favorite made healthier, and so easy too! No cream of chicken soup or seasoning packets.

Last summer when we camped with my sister’s family and some family friends, my sister made this white chicken chili, froze it in Ziplocs and then warmed it up in a dutch oven for dinner. It was pretty slick for campground cooking. I’m all about doing the prep work at home ahead of time where my dishwasher can do the dirty work for me!

Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili - A family favorite made healthier, and so easy too! No cream of chicken soup or seasoning packets.

It’s one of my family’s favorite meals in the wintertime, and I’ve made a few changes to make the recipe a little healthier. The original recipe calls for canned soup and a packet of taco seasoning, and I simply made a white sauce that substitutes for the canned soup, and added the spices one by one. This cuts down on the processed food a little bit, and really doesn’t add too much time to the prep.

Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili - A family favorite made healthier, and so easy too! No cream of chicken soup or seasoning packets.

It’s convenient because it cooks all day while you do your thing, and then you add the creamy ingredients an hour before serving. Go crazy with the toppings if you can! Fritos, shredded cheese, avocado, cilantro, and sour cream are my favorite. When we go camping again this year, I’m definitely putting white chicken chili on our menu!

Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chili
Serves: 6-8
  • 3-4 chicken breasts
  • 1 1/2 teaspoons chili powder
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1/2 teaspoon onion powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon garlic powder
  • dash of cayenne pepper
  • 14.5 ounce can chicken broth
  • 4.5 ounce can chopped green chiles
  • 15 ounce can white corn, drained
  • 2 15.5 ounce cans white beans, drained (Cannellini or Great Northern are good)
  • 3 tablespoons butter
  • 3 tablespoons flour
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 teaspoon Better Than Bullion chicken base
  • 1/4 teaspoon white pepper
  • 1/2 teaspoon seasoned salt
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  1. Place chicken breasts on the bottom of a crockpot, and add chili powder, cumin, onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, chicken broth, green chiles, corn and beans. Cook on low for 6-8 hours.
  2. About an hour before serving: In a small saucepan, melt butter over medium high heat. Whisk in flour, and allow to bubble and brown a bit. After a few minutes, gradually whisk in the milk and chicken base.
  3. Allow the sauce to simmer for 4-5 minutes, whisking frequently until it is slightly thickened. Add salt and pepper.
  4. Pour sauce into crockpot and mix to combine.
  5. Add sour cream and mix.
  6. If chicken has not already shredded with stirring, take out large pieces, shred them with two forks, and return to the crockpot.
  7. Let the chicken chili cook on low 1 more hour if you can.

A family favorite made healthier, and so easy too! No cream of chicken soup or seasoning packets.


  1. Elizabeth says

    This chili is delicious and my kids even love it! Do you think there would be room in a standard sized crock pot to double the recipe?

    • says

      Elizabeth, I’m so glad you and your kids liked it! In my 5 quart crockpot, I can do a recipe and a half, but not quite a double recipe.

      • Chrystal Harrison says

        This is the family`s new favorite recipe! I have recommended this to everyone I know. Its so simple and so delicious! Thank you!

      • says

        My three young boys love this chili, but I do add some extra sour cream to their bowls to cool it down a bit. You could always cut the seasoning down by half and see how they like it.

  2. Shara says

    Made this tonight and it was delicious!!! My husband accused me of getting it from a restaurant and trying to pass it off as my own. :). Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes.

  3. Polina says

    Thank you for this recipe! We made a few adjustments based on the ingredients we had (and also because we don’t like spicy) and really enjoyed it.

  4. Wendy says

    As the recipe stands, Is this spicy? My husband does not like spicy but doesnt mind a “little kick”. Would he be happy with this or do I need to adjust it? Thanks

    • says

      Wendy, I would describe this recipe as having just a little kick, but it really isn’t too spicy. My three little boys like to eat it if that helps :)

  5. Kristin M. says

    I came across this recipe today & used it in place of my normal white chicken chili recipe… We tend to prefer things a lil spicier around here so I kicked up the spices a notch, but the recipe provided a perfect base to play with if you like to add your own twist, the consistency was great & my 2 yr old asked for seconds. I also had never tried corn before and it’s a nice addition. Thanks for sharing, will use this again & visit for other recipes!

  6. Rebecca says

    This is in my crockpot right now. I just shredded the chicken and will do the thickening soon. It smells (And so far tastes) absolutely delicious!! Can’t wait for the finished chili. Perfect for this snowy/icy day!!!!

  7. Charlotte says

    Just the other day my husband saw canned white Chili and wondered if it would be good. Uh not. It was canned – yuk. This sounds really good. I think I will make this for him. Thanks

    • says

      I think it would be fine to make the day before. We have definitely enjoyed it leftover. You may just need to add a bit more milk or chicken broth when you reheat it if you find it’s too thick.

  8. Sarah says

    Thank you for sharing your recipe! I made this for a chili cook off today and won 2nd place. I am 99% sure that I didn’t win first place because my chili was the very first one gone, so a lot of people didn’t get to try it out! (More people kept coming after my chili ran out.) I did add some chorizo to it, but otherwise I followed the recipe exactly and it was wonderful. My 2-year-old ate two bowls of it. Thank you! Will definitely make this again!

  9. Denise says

    Can I use regular granulated boullion instead of the Better Than Bullion chicken base? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen that in our stores.

    • says

      Hi Denise, thanks for your question. I think it might be easier to substitute one can of condensed cream of chicken soup for the Better than Bullion Chicken Base, butter, flour, and milk instead of trying to substitute granulated bouillon – Just because you would have to use hot water to dissolve the bullion, and I’m not sure if the extra liquid would be too much for the chili. Hope that is helpful!

  10. Ann says

    Stumbled upon your website while searching for a white bean chicken chili recipe. This recipe is AMAZING! Making it again tomorrow for our houseguests. Hoping to make it a bit creamer and spicier than the last batch. Whether I succeed or not doesnt matter because this is so delicious just the way it is.

  11. Sarah says

    I just made this yesterday, and it’s great. However, I am on a low-calorie diet, and I was wondering how many calories are in this chili. I cannot find it anywhere, and I need to know so I can write it down. Thanks.

    • says

      Hi Sarah, I do not provide nutritional information for my recipes. You can Google “calorie calculator” and enter in the ingredients listed in the recipe to find out the information you are needing. I’m so glad you liked it. Thank you for letting me know!

  12. Holly says

    I am thinking about making this in large quantities for a camping trip. How far in advance do you think is safe to make it? And do I just add some liquid like you suggested above when I go to reheat it? And how long does it take to warm up? I’m gonna try making it for my family sometime in the next week to test out my cooking skills. 😉 Thanks!

    • says

      If you are planning to freeze it, you could make it up to 3 months in advance. I would say reheating time will depend on your camping stove, altitude, and how much you make as well. I would plan on giving yourself an hour to get it warmed up and then you could just turn it to low until you are ready to serve. Be careful not to let the bottom burn (camping stoves can be tricky), so stir frequently. I think you could just bring up an extra can of chicken broth just in case it’s too thick, but you may not need it. Assuming you won’t have electricity to just plug in a crockpot, right?

  13. Michael Y says

    Just tried the Crockpot Creamy White Chicken Chili tonight, and everybody loved it! I am going to add fresh chopped jalapeno’s next time I make it, just because I like a little more of a kick……otherwise it was FANTASTIC!

  14. Arica says

    Can I add chicken that has already been cooked to cut down on my time? I would like to make it for dinner tonight, but I don’t have 6-8 hours. Suggestions on how to make it fast?

    • says

      I think if you just made it on the stovetop it would be ok too. Just add all the ingredients listed through white beans, and simmer for at least half an hour. Follow the directions for the remaining ingredients (flour, milk, butter, etc) and add to the pot.

  15. Britney says

    I’m so glad I stum upon this recipe. I want to make this for dinner tonight, but only have dry northern beans instead of canned ones. If I put this in the crockpot all day will dry beans be fine? And if so how many should I use?

    • says

      Hi Britney! I think you could use dry beans if you soak them in water overnight, but I’ve never tried it before. Let me know how it works if you do. Thanks for your question.

  16. Melody Tate says

    HI! I am going to try to make this tonight :) Can you tell me what your toppings are in the picture above?


        • says

          Ok scratch what I just said about adjusting the cooking time. Sorry! I’m on my phone and thought you were asking about a different recipe. The nice thing about a crockpot is that it’s hard to over cook things so no worries! If you prefer to cut the chicken up ahead of time so you don’t have to later, keep your cooking time on low for 6-8 hours.

  17. Samantha says

    Just made this today and it is so good! One more question though, could the chicken, beans, and corn be mixed and frozen before hand and then thrown in with the spices and then the rest of the ingredients?

    • says

      Yes, I think it would be fine to freeze the chicken, beans, and corn together ahead of time. I’m so glad you made this and liked it. Crockpots are so convenient!

  18. Jessica says

    Would love to make this tomorrow for my family, but don’t have any bouillon. If I omit, will it compromise the consistency of the flour/butter mixture?

    Thank you!

  19. Kelly says

    I am going to try this tomorrow :) With commuting time factored in, I am at work 10 hours before I get home, do you think I can leave it on low that long without affecting the chicken too much? Or would you recommend letting it cook while we sleep, then putting it in the fridge while it’s piping hot and eating it after work? Thanks for your advice.

    • says

      Kelly, I haven’t ever cooked it that long, but I think it should be okay. Depending on how hot the “Low” setting on your crockpot is, I would think it just might be a little brown on the edges of your crockpot but not really affect the overall taste. Hope you enjoy!

  20. Aimee says

    Looking forward to making for a neighborhood Halloween get together…but where do I find “Better than Bullion Chicken Base?”

  21. Jocelyn says

    Hello! I’m currently in the final steps of making the chili. Do I add flour milk and sour cream mixture in the crockpot and then cook the additional hour?

    • says

      Hi Jocelyn,
      Yes, you add your white sauce that you made on the stovetop to the crockpot (butter, flour, milk, chicken base, salt, and pepper) and mix. Then add your sour cream to the crock pot and mix. Shred the chicken, if it isn’t already. Then cook on low for one more hour if you have time just so everything can get all happy together! Hope you enjoy!

  22. Karen Babb says

    Made this for dinner tonight, smells wonderful. I will have a bowl when I get back from the gym, can’t wait! Easy to make and will be passing the recipe to friends at work.

  23. Amy says

    Sounds so yummy!
    I was thinking of adding kale to get some extra veggies into the kiddos. Add what point do you think I should add the kale?

  24. Megan says

    Hi! I’m going to try your recipe tomorrow. I am new to Crockpot cooking. Do you think this will fit well in my 4 quart crockpot? I also have a 7 quart one, but I suspect that will be way too big.

  25. Stacy Redwine says

    This recipe sounds delish! I am making it for a work gathering and we do not have a stove in the office. Can you make the cream base ahead of time and refrigerate it until it is needed?


    • says

      Yes, I think that would be okay. It might help it mix in more smoothly if the cream base is close to room temp before you mix it in, but should workout just fine!

  26. Donna says

    I just started the chili. I’m looking forward to my first taste! Quick question… should I chop up an onion and add it to the chili? I’ve always done this with other chili recipes. I was curious to see if you’ve tried that, and if it makes a difference in the final result.

    • says

      I think it will work out fine if you dissolve your cube in 1/4 cup hot water as a substitute for the chicken base. That way you aren’t adding too much extra liquid. Thanks for your question!

  27. Adam says

    I added some diced red, orange, and green bell pepper to give it a more colorful look, and it won the prize for “best family-friendly chili” at our church’s Halloween cookoff! It’s easy to make a chili that’s not spicy, but they usually come out bland. This recipe has a lot of flavor without setting anyone’s mouth on fire. If you want more kick, you can just add some more cayenne pepper or your favorite hot sauce. Also, it was fantastic with some fritos corn chips. A recipe I will keep and re-use, for certain.

  28. Lindsay says

    I’m making this recipe for the second time tonight, I love it so much! I used a cube of bouillon because that’s all I had and it melted into the sauce just fine. Also, the fritos and avocado toppings are crucial–SO GOOD! Thank you!

  29. Steph says

    This a winner. And I forgot the chills and cilantro so can’t waIt to make it again. I used avocados and baked scoops as toppings, so good!

  30. Tracie says

    This was perfect for a cold fall day to stay inside and watch football. The flavor was wonderful and it was so easy to make.

  31. Grace says

    I’ve made this several times and it is a guaranteed winner! I’ve always used ground poultry (because it’s usually cheaper and on sale somewhere), I add the second can of beans and an additional can of green chilies at the end with the cream base, and I consistently always forget to add sour cream – and still it is ALWAYS DELICIOUS and turns out perfect every single time. I like that this is a versatile recipe so I can play around with the spices and really customize it if I want to. Also, someone asked about making the cream base ahead of time and refrigerating it – that is what I always do, because I work afternoon hours and don’t have time to make anything when I get home, and it has always been absolutely fine. Thank you for this amazing recipe! I am keeping it in my rotation forever!

  32. Jennifer Priest says

    This recipe sounds great and I cant wait to try it. However, my husband is allergic to chicken. Do you have any suggestions on how to make a pork or beef version. Thanks!

    • says

      I think beef would be the easiest substitute. You could use a chuck roast, beef broth, and Better Than Bullion beef base in place of the chicken breasts, chicken broth, and chicken base. Let me know how it turns out if you try it!

      • Jennifer Priest says

        I made this with the beef substitutes and it was great. I used 1.5 pounds of chuck roast. When I make it next time, I plan to use 3 pounds and add a second can of corn.

        Thanks for the recipe and beef alteration suggestions. We really enjoyed it!

  33. says

    Hi – I am in the last step, everything is in the crock put but it is looking pretty thick. I did do 4 chicken breasts and seems like a lot of the liquid was absorbed during the day… any suggestions on how to make it a little more soupy and not so thick?

    • says

      Hi Lisa, once you have added the creamy white sauce, if you still think it is too thick just add more chicken broth. You can use canned chicken broth, or mix one teaspoon of the Better Than Bullion Chicken base with 1 cup of warm water. Hope you enjoy!

    • says

      I don’t have any experience with gluten free substitutions, but I’ve read that you can purée white beans to use as a thickener. Perhaps you could reserve a cup or so of the beans in this recipe, and mix with milk to add to the chili at the end. Let me know how it goes if you try it.

  34. Blake says

    What was the soup (and how much and did you add anything) you used to use in place of the scratch sauce? I’m thinking in terms of being more economical and simpler for a college apartment. :)

    • says

      Hi Blake, this is a great recipe to make in a college apartment. To make it even more simple, omit the six ingredients listed after the white beans, and add two (10 ounce) cans of cream of chicken soup instead. You can do this when you add in all the other ingredients. Stir in the sour cream when you are almost ready to serve. Thanks for your question!

  35. Traci says

    Best white chili I’ve made in some time (maybe ever)! Thanks for the great recipe. I followed all ingredients exactly except for the buillon (didn’t have any on hand) and it still turned out fine. The brown sauce and sour cream make it special. I’m taking it with me for lunches or dinners at the ski lodge this weekend and it will be perfect.

  36. Jen says

    I made this tonight and it didn’t turn out well. Much, much too thick. I cooked it for probably 7.5 hours, added the roux and sour cream and didn’t need to cook any longer. Suggestions on what I may have done wrong other than cooking it too long? Followed the recipe to a T otherwise.

    • says

      I know all crockpots do run a lithe bit differently as far as temperature goes, but that really shouldn’t have been too long. I’m not sure why it turned out thick, but just adding more chicken broth or milk at the end to thin it out should do the trick.

      • Carol says

        OMG Julie, I made batch one tonight as a test run…to the recipe exact! It’s got enough zing to leave a little tingle (I’m not a spicy lover), but every flavor comes through! This is going to be a hit with those 50 frat guys!!! I’ll report back after the weekend :)

  37. says

    Wow! I saw this recipe on Pinterest and saving it for a rainy day, which happened to be yesterday! I didn’t do it in a crock pot, just on the stove and I added a whole onion and did fresh chillies instead of canned because I couldn’t find any. I also used leftovers from a roast chicken. It turned out great and it’s now officially a favorite chili recipe!! Thanks so much for sharing Julie!

  38. Rebekah says

    Made this tonight! Found it to be a little thick to my taste so I added an extra cup of chicken stock after thickening. Other than that, the recipe was perfect! Definitely a keeper!

  39. Carra says

    Hi! Excited to try this tonight! It’s been cooking all day in my crockpot :) question-is it ok to make the soup completely without chicken base and not adding a substitute? If not, what is the best substitute? Definitely want that thicker consistensy and couldn’t find the base anywhere. Thanks!!

    • says

      Hi Carra, the chicken base just adds a little more flavor. Do you happen to have a chicken bullion cube? If so, just dissolve it in a couple of tablespoons of hot water to make a paste, and add it to the milk/butter/flour white sauce that you put into the crockpot toward the end. Hope this helps!

  40. Laura says

    Hi! I just had to let you know, I have tried multiple different White Chicken Chili recipes and this one is AMAZING!! And so easy! Thanks so much! :)

  41. Alisha O. says

    Yes you’ve gotten umpteen questions re: this recipe, HOWEVER mine is one i couldn’t find on here. I’ve been substituting greek yogurt for sour cream in most of my recipes. I’m nervous re: it curdling. i’m thinking i’ll just add it before serving, but wondering if anyone else has tried it at the ‘1-hour-left-to-cook’ mark. ?? smells delish, can’t wait to devour.

  42. Christina says

    I’m a big fan of chicken. So I’d like to do 5 or 6 chicken breasts. Would you suggest changing anything? And I’d also like to add noddles. Again, do you think I should change anything? Maybe adding more broth?

    • says

      Christina, yes I think if you add a little more chicken, you could add maybe 1 or 2 more cups of broth to keep it from being too thick. Hope you enjoy!

  43. Leah says

    Really good – will kick up the spice next time. Added diced celery and onion at the beginning also! Might add some carrots too next time just for more veggies

  44. Colleen says

    I have a question on the Creamy Crockpot White Chicken Chilli. I am making this today and I don’t have the Better than Bullion chicken base. I did pick up Knorr Homestyle Chicken Stock, will that work for the last few steps? Or do I still have to use cream of chicken?

    • says

      Do you have a chicken bullion cube? If so, you can crush it up in a few tablespoons of hot water and make a paste that would be similar to the Better Than Bullion. I’m afraid if you add more chicken stock it could be more liquid than you need.

      • Colleen says

        The Knorr chicken stock is thick until you add water. I was thinking it does the same as a bullion but in a more paste natural form. I don’t know I might try and see if it’ll work before I add it to the pot. I will let you know how it turns out. Thanks for your response! I can’t wait to try this chilli!

  45. Colleen says

    Just wanted to let you know that it turned out great here in Germany and using the Knorr chicken stock worked fine! Everyone enjoyed it! Thank you! :)

  46. Kayla says

    This may be silly question…but can you use frozen chicken? That’s all we have and I’d love to make this for tonight’s dinner :)

    • says

      You can use frozen chicken – when I start with frozen, I just put the crockpot on high for the first few hours, and then switch to low. Enjoy!

  47. Carol says

    Do you think this would keep in the fridge well for 2 days before serving? I have to make a LOT. I need to feed about 50 fraternity guys – 30 of them who will have walked 20 miles in below freezing temps (long story – fundraiser for MS – total walking is 160 miles over 8 days – we’re feeding them after day 3). I need to make it ahead of time so I can transport it to the university. Then warm in crock pots until time for eating. I wanted to start making batches probably tomorrow (Tue) but didn’t want to freeze it as I’m not sure how much “cook” time I’ll have Saturday afternoon. That…and the frat house I’ll be working from has a questionable kitchen (I’m not even sure I recall seeing an oven 😉 Any suggestions or advice appreciated!!

    • says

      Two days in the fridge should be fine. Great idea for feeding a crowd. One piece of advice might be to just have a little extra chicken broth on hand to add if the chili thickens as it sits in the fridge. Sometimes I find that I need to thin it out when reheating. Sounds like a great cause! Hope this helps Carol!

  48. Jennifer says

    This looks absolutely amazing and I cant wait to try it, but can I use precooked ground chicken instead of the chicken breasts?

  49. Lindsay says

    Could I use corn starch instead of flour (and if so, how much)? Trying to make it gluten free :)
    Thanks! Sounds delicious!!

    • says

      Lindsay, you could definitely try thickening with cornstarch. I found these instructions on Argo’s website. Hope this helps!

      “If you’re cooking hot liquids like sauces, stock or broth, 1 tablespoon of corn starch per cup of liquid will give you a thin to medium consistency that’s appropriate for soups or very thin sauces.

      2 tablespoons per cup will give you a thicker, more gravy-like consistency.

      When you want to thicken hot liquids, first mix ARGO Corn Starch with a little cold water until it’s very smooth. Then, gradually stir the corn starch/water mixture into the hot liquid until it’s blended. Be sure to stir constantly. You’ll want to bring the mixture to boil, and boil it for 1 minute. You’ll notice there are no lumps.”

    • says

      Think that should be fine. The liquid should keep the chicken from drying out. You just may have that burnt edge around the crockpot that makes it a joy to clean :)

  50. Kelly says

    I am making this as I type… but I put the chicken base in the crock pot with the rest of the ingredients… About to make the roux… Here is hoping it’s still as delicious!! Looks amazing, can’t wait to try it!!!

  51. Cassie K says

    Found this recipe on Pinterest and I gotta say, YUMMMMM! I am by no means a master chef in my kitchen, I’ve had plenty of hits & misses, but I followed your recipe to a T and it turned out amazing! Thanks so much for this, I’m always on the lookout for new recipes to add to my book and this one is definitely a keeper!!!!!

  52. Lisa says

    OK. This is by far the best WCC I have ever made (in the slow-cooker or otherwise)!
    It’s so easy. . .especially not having to pre-cook the chicken – and it’s healthy and just plain delicious!
    My kids love this with a side of tortilla chips for dipping, and I love it with a side of arugula salad with olive oil and lime dressing!
    Many thanks.

  53. Michelle says


    I just wanted to let you know that I am so completely in love with this recipe. It’s so so good and I’m just so happy I found it! And it’s healthy too! Thank you :)

  54. Laura says

    This looks great! I’m hoping to make it tomorrow. Just a question… what kind of “seasoned salt” did you use? I’ve seen this in recipes but have never bought any. I have some Lawry’s. Is that the kind of thing to use?

  55. says

    so I ran out of time and thought you said I could cook this on high for 4-5 hours but that was the part for the sauce… Do you think I can do that?? And also I only bought one can of beans and so I put in black beans… Lol I apparently don’t real directions well

    And I couldn’t find chiles..

  56. Anne says

    My family loves this chili, so thanks for the recipe. Our one year old had his first green chilies; I used 1/4 of the can this time. For us, it could have had a bit more but it still tastes lovely. As other Europeans I used the Knorr liquid concentrated bouillon in my roux. Since I made this beforehand and reheated it on a stovetop, I didn’t put any cornstarch in; that worked perfectly. Next time we’ll add toppings, I forgot those (which is crazy for someone who loves cilantro, avocado and cheese as much as I do).

  57. Dana says

    I made this today after coming across it on Pinterest. It is SOOOO GOOD!! I made it identical to the recipe except that I used a bouillon cube because it’s all I had. This is definitely going into the regular rotation. Even my husband, who always has something to say about everything I cook, said “Mmmm this is pretty good!” First trip to your site too–great find on both accounts!

    • says

      Thanks so much! I had to laugh when I saw your comment because I was literally in the middle of making a double batch of this very recipe. Glad it was a hit!

  58. Lishy says

    I just wanted to let you know I’ve made this several times. It is the easiest meal but so much flavor, it turns out delicious every time. I’ve started cutting carbs and calories so this last time I used guar gum to thicken it (eliminated the butter, flour, and milk) and it turned out great, again, and didn’t really affect the flavor. This recipe has been a much needed addition to my list of quick and easy meals that I can take for lunch every day. No chopping! Wonderful! Thank you!

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